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"Color is an expression aliveness.

Expressing your Truth through harmonious style and

color is dressing your Spirit. 

I am here to make a planetary difference

so that each person experiences themselves

as Harmony."

                                                                          John Kitchener

The range of colors is truly impressive plus it has given me a greater understanding of myself.

                                                         S.C., United Kingdom


Having my book of colors has been a game changing secret tome I knew it would be. I've finally been able to organize the messy confusion in my wardrobe and sort out what works and what doesn't with a sense of closure.

                                    Karac Howington, Chattanooga TN


John saved my sanity. After my palette and Essences, everything made sense.

                                        Sarah Charrois, Alberta Canada

John Kitchener is considered to be the world's finest color and style consultant. He has individually analyzed over 20,000 clients since 1978.

Additionally he has consulted with numerous organizations and businesses including Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom, and IBM. He has also been a featured guest on CBS television's "People Are Talking". He and the PSC work are acknowledged in and are the basis for the book "Shopping For The Real You" by Andrea Pflaumer.

In 1987 while working in the Washington DC area he discovered the Angelic (or Ethereal) Style Essence which was the missing link or overlooked facet in style identification. In his unique personalized services, he draws from a blend of seven balanced Yin and Yang Essence Harmonies empowering every client to achieve their authentic personal expression. 

John Kitchener is considered an international treasure. His precise color discrimination, highly developed intuitive abilities, and an unbridled enthusiasm for his work have rewarded him with world-wide acclaim from his many devoted clients. 

John is a life-long artist. Born in July 1953, he grew up in Berkeley California. He received his Art BA and graduate work from San Francisco State University. Famed photorealist painter Robert Bechtle and artist-mystic Jose Arguelles were his two primary teachers. Although his primary medium is photography, he has also worked in oils and acrylics, stained glass, and in ceramics. Coming from a family of artists, his mother was a prize-winning quilter, and his father was a greatly acknowledged San Francisco-based architect and gifted watercolorist. 

Due to a severe reaction from the covid booster causing an extreme disabling leg paralysis, John is unable to offer consultations in person but consultations are available in an exacting daylight-based virtual digital format.  

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