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The palette you've created for me is absolutely gorgeous. The palette feels like coming home. It is an absolute delight to see the colors I've been intuitively drawn towards defined, clarified, and curated - and immensely expanded upon. You are extraordinarily skilled at your craft. Thank you again for your excellent work.

                                  H. Goldfrank

                                Rochester NY

There are others out there where you can get your colors done but without the exactness, nuances, and depth of this one. This is the real deal and I can't recommend John Kitchener enough.

Denise Ilmanen

Grass Valley California

Since 1964

The Official Home of

Custom Color Analysis


Individualized Style Essences Analysis

Celebrating 60 years and with thousands of enthusiastic clients world-wide, PSC is the world's leader in offering the most complete color and style consulting services available. 

Founded by the late Joan Songer, the first student of color pioneer Suzanne Caygill, PSC is under the direction of John Kitchener who brings 46 years of experience to all PSC work having individually worked with over 20,000 clients. 

Currently John Kitchener's consultations are offered in a unique virtual format. 

John is amazing to work with.

So knowledgeable, patient, and kind. His work is spot on. He knows his stuff. Highly recommended.

Missy Mackelprang Johnson

Tempe, Arizona

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