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I've been blessed to work with some of the best and brightest in the field of color and style analysis and the best and brightest of them is John Kitchener. John brings an extensive art background and wealth of experience to his work having seen over 20,000 clients. To say his advice saved my life is an understatement. I am deeply indebted to him.


Andrea Pflaumer                 

Shopping For The Real You 

The Best Trained

Consultants in the World


Every PSC-trained consultant is already an artist and trains as an apprentice with us for two years. This is to assure you that we offer the highest quality standards available. 

Contrary to popular opinion, you are NOT a pre-defined Color "Season" or limited Color "Type". For over 60 years, PSC's time-honored consultations do not dictate an externally imposed set of ideas but utilizes the Principles of Art to apply them to Human Design. Our goal is to educate you in various ways to express your natural essence and to experience yourself authentically in Harmony. And it works for all ages and ethnicities.

You are provided specific guidelines for combining colors which makes shopping and dressing choices easy. You will also discover how your own face shape lends itself to certain design shapes, which you can used for selecting necklines, prints, textures, and accessories. Learning your unique blend of style facets (or your Style Essences) adds a necessary dimension making clothing decisions more precise and personal.


You will receive a handy 7"x9" notebook housing your entire fabric palette and suggested guidelines. It's the greatest tool ever saving you time and money forever. 


This is the most complete service of its kind available anywhere.

John Kitchener and the PSC work are enthusiastically recommended in and are the basis for the excellent book "Shopping For The Real You" by Andrea Pflaumer. 

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