Our time-honored knowledge reveals that you not a "season"

or a "type"...

You Are an Individual

Your PSC Consultation can be an extraordinarily powerful, positive, uplifting, affirming, and transformative experience. Contrary to popular belief, your coloring does not fall into a limited color "season"

or "type". 

In fact, your custom PSC analysis

will reveal blends of various Color Harmonies that incorporate a diverse palette unique only to youArtist John Kitchener will analyze your skin tone, hair color, eye color, and even your bone structure, providing you with the most complete  personalized  hand-crafted  palette of about 100 large-sized fabric swatches. Each palette is unique. It is like a color fingerprint. 

Fabric has always been used by PSC. Color in fabric has an "aliveness" and nuance not available in paint samples

or printed samples.

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A wonderful getaway
just south of Atlanta and only 
50 minutes southwest of
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