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"I had my colors done in numerous systems. John Kitchener's palette for me was amazing! He brought all the aspects that worked together into a cohesive whole and I will be forever grateful to him for that!"

                      Dory Zimmerman,                           South Carolina

   (host of "Dory's Helpful Hints"                               on YouTube)

"This service by John Kitchener is unrivaled by anyone else. This is truly a work of not only skill and talent, but of art. You will forever be happy you met John Kitchener."

                  Cathie Carter Soutis,


"The shopping fan is a huge relief and to shop with confidence for once." 

                       Karac Howington,

                         Chattanooga, TN

In 1964 we introduced the personal color fan made from your large fabric swatches. Most clients prefer to initially shop with the large samples from their analysis. However, if you wish to go more compact, a color fan may be ordered at the time of your analysis or post analysis. Cost is $125 per fan before March 31.

An amazing discount for an amazing service

for men and women

currently available in a unique virtual format




Your analysis includes:

Detailed illustrated recommendations for necklines, prints, textures, including the

Style Essences Analysis

(what blend of qualities your face features and body structure naturally define)

with illustrated designs and printed guidelines accompanied by a lavishly illustrated video program available through YouTube.

A custom complete full-spectrum palette of at least 100 large fabric swatches 

A portable notebook with printed information containing:

Important color combining guidelines so you can always look your very best

Color mood details (which colors for you are powerful, calm, sporty, elegant, etc)

This complete package of colors and essences is mailed you no matter where you are in the world.

The Virtual Custom Color Analysis is done by digital photos with specific sunlight lighting requirements.

Please email John Kitchener at for details. 

Wintertime into Spring Specials now through March 31, 2023:


Custom Color Analysis $325 (regularly $750) or

Style Essences (the Custom Color Analysis is done first before the Style Essences) $325


Both Color Analysis and Style Essences $650 (regularly $1300) 

Young Person's Color Special (ages 3-18)

$225 (regularly $750) through March 31

NOTE: The custom color analysis is also available individually

without the Style Essences for $325 (through March 31)



The Appointments Calendar in this site is not operational and cannot be used for scheduling appointments. 

Currently John Kitchener is only offering virtual consultations. In-office appointments are not available at this time.

For scheduling a virtual analysis please email John Kitchener at

For Berkeley California in-person appointments please email:

Hella Tsaconas at

(different pricing and services available in other PSC offices)

Fees and deposits for ALL services including gift certificates are non-refundable. 

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